Thursday, January 27, 2011

On The Incarnation

Probably (hopefully!) there's nothing new here. But I wanted to make a legible note of it, just because...

The text I'm considering is from Genesis (stick with me): "Let us make Man in our own image". Lots has already been said about this, for instance "God is King of all creation: what does a King do to signify conquest? He erects a statue of himself". I don't remember my source for that line of reasoning --- and it's a paraphrase, of course. There's also Chesterton's observation (again, paraphrasing) "Men are indeed all like pennies; for their value in each case is exactly that they all bear the likeness of the King". In other words, God has put Men in the world at least partly as signs of His own kingship.

My observation is that when God makes a sign, He also makes a real thing. (God creates by saying, His words become what they signify) Since God has made an image of himself, a sign pointing to Himself, it's a fair guess He's going to make good on the sign. All of which is just to suggest that the Incarnation was promised even from the sixth Day of Creation. So, that conversation was interrupted for a few generations, we all know the story.

So it would seem that the Incarnation was foreseen and intended by God, from Creation, and its promise was revealed to the holy scribe and recorded in Genesis. ... I think. I will gladly defer to better learning on this matter.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A brief lesson in Parliamentary Democracy

Dear Saskatchewan Premier, Justice Minister,

The word you're likely looking for is "notwithstanding".

a Catholic living elsewhere

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For the benefit of Mr. Moore

Dear George,

It looks like it is snowing, but I'm not convinced.
You might even say, it is snowing, and I don't believe that it's snowing. But, then, you always were easily conviewsed. And that's you, not me. Maybe: it's snowing, but I don't think it's really snowing. There are ants and ants, after all. Here are the former.

Do you like my red herrings? As you can see, they are of mackerel dyed green.

he must be mad