Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who is your audience?

Dear Self,

I think you're mostly writing for yourself. Indeed, I can't think of anyone who more enjoys reading your various silly notes than you do yourself. (Cf. Michael Flanders, introducing his Mozart without an horn). The only thing, then, to wonder is whether that's really quite proper? Is it cricket?

I'm sure most bloggers, of the ammateur sort at least, reach some point of wondering whether they are writing only for themselves or for their readers. But, if I may say so, you've fallen into the particular habit of writing not for anyone. Sure, that's the "gimick", the blog-line "letters to ... no-one in particular". Even if the address is to various and no-one in particular, the writing ought to be for someone. It needs both an ad and an ut. You might do well for ad now and then, but the ut needs more focus!

I hope this has been helpful. In any case, I remain, in friendship,