MathML Nonsense

About the math rendering in this 'blog, $T_E X$, and MathML

NOTE! I've just switched math-rendering engines, from a google-sites-hosted private javascript to the MathJAX CDN script and font server network. This should mean everything looks better. I can't be sure. If something looks "off" to you, and you wind-up here, send a note to Quincy Noodles at gmail. Cheers!
If, in this 'blog's main page you look at the "mathy" label (or, equivalently, try this link) you'll find that a portion of the writing here-about is interspersed with some thinly-spread unenglish strings, which might take various forms. One possibility is

$ \int_0^1 x^p (1-x)^q dx = \frac{\Gamma(p+1)\Gamma(q+1)}{\Gamma(p+q)} $

Most of the pages in this 'blog are put together so that, if you see anything like *that*, then it means the javascript I borrowed isn't clever enough to trick your browser into rewriting the page with MathML in place of the $-$ delimited code. Again, this may be because you've turned of javascript (or your browser doesn't support it, but this I doubt) or because you're using Internet Explorer and need to fetch the mathplayer plugin, or some other weird circumstance.

Another possibility is you may occasionally (or *only*) see some symbols that just look out-of-place, or things like ܎ or  or ... well, it's tricky for me to know that those won't look meaningful to you, but the idea is that, standards-wise, they're not supposed to. This means that either you haven't got the fonts installed that the borrowed script expects to find in your browser, or that they're arranged differently for you from ... well... my browser here that I used to tweak some translation tables. I think this has good advice, and they say something about The STIX fonts. I don't know if anything special is needed to get it working in the googlemonster's chrome-plated browser.

For reference, elswhere in the 'blog, your browser will display the above expression to look like
$ \int_0^1 x^p (1-x)^q dx = \frac{\Gamma(p+1)\Gamma(q+1)}{\Gamma(p+q)} $