Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's the Third Wednesday After Easter!

Which, in the old Calendar (at least as of 1953... my missal is *old*) is a Solemnity of St. Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor and Patron of the Universal Church.

A very blessed one to you all. As it happens, we get another Joseph feast in two days, for which give thanks to God!

From the Offertory:
Lauda Jerusalem, Dominum: quoniam confortavit seras portarum tuarum, benedixit filiis tuis in te, alleluia, alleluia.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Four Ounces of Caerphilly, if you please?

To Serial Producers Everwhere

I wish to transmit some received wisdom. On the occasion of the impending non-continuance of a remarkably long-running brand of drama, a critic remarked
Don't underestimate the power of cheese!
yesterday. OK, he may have meant over-the-top unbelievably bad acting ("ham", if you will ... ) but that won't stop me musing on really good bocconcini. So there!

Without illusions of influence

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Über Hüte

Dear Meredith, (and Enbrethiliel, and all and sundry,)

Since you asked of another, therefore tangentially I feel the need to jump up myself and answer for my own part!

Though I've a grey felt fedora-type thing good for damp weather, my preference is very much for this delight:

Note the green cord: an addition of my own, with brass grommets around the punch-holes. This is very handy indeed when the wind kicks up!

And here it is more-or-less in-person (reversed, for probably-obvious reasons)

In case anyone reading this can now discern who I am, a note: if you would buy a hat for me, do please by whatever scheme merited try to ensure that it be large enough! In youth my brain seems to have been intolerant of crowding and pushed my skull outwards!

And, Enbrethiliel, I wish you joy of all your hats.

A well-sheltered fellow indeed