Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Rejoiceables

The U-Bend is re-organizing their whole public interface, with the (unintended?) effect that it's hard to tell what will and won't work, so I'll just link to this, one of the best performance captures of one of my favourites. Oh, and Gaudete!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It did rain pennies from heaven

... and might again.

Reported here; in my own abstract: any metals denser than basalts and that can be mined fell from solar orbit onto the Earth long after its crust formed and mostly settled-down. And remember that there's still plenty of stuff out there!

I thought this might interest some of my theologically-minded fellow web-loggers.

the triviafer

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Poco a poco diminuendo...

(Incidentally, if things seem to be slowing down, I suppose I might blame my recent foray into tumblng, but as that's been less than a week it doesn't really answer. No, I shan't post a link here. Send a message to /dev/null ... not your own, of course, but to the address on that pseudonym's profile page. But it's teribly mathy, so... so I don't know what.)

Update Whee! it works nicely now! Thanks, screencountry!/Update

Since everyone now agrees that the particular warranty wasn't worth the electrons it jiggled and juggled, I don't mind telling everyone (anonymously, at least) that my shiny laptop screen became cracked after a thoroughly-preventable fall of about four feet onto concrete, and that I really should have thought to zip up the carrying bag, but on the other hand I don't see the practical use of a clamshell design like that. Perhaps I shall add gores later. Anyways, the endpoint-purveyor offered to charge me more than 33% more than the original price for it to replace the screen, which offer I declined with some irritation. This was after the manufacturer-designated service centre took four days to notice it had been sent to them (though they were expecting it) and a further week to decide that no, they wouldn't do anything helpful, not even offer to charge me more than &c. So, it turns out there's a friendly business with warehouses in Seattle and in Vancouver that sell ... surplus? excess? anyways, replacement lcd screens. If the thing I'm expecting next wednesday works, I might just tell you all about it. But really I mustn't drop the thing again, that was the worst, and this sort of rigor mallearum is expensive, and would be again even knowing the short-cut at the end. It's a nifty thing, but the screen was the only broken thing I found, after the drop, so things might have gone much worse. I didn't even stub a toe!

Well, your patience during this little ramble has been most appreciated, believe you me.

God bless you all!