Monday, February 2, 2009

A human revelation

Dear Saint Blog,

I can't quite find you in the calendar. I know this has been mentioned before, and not much of a satisfactory answer was found, although several approximations were: something to do with Bologna, and perhaps even a principality known as Blognia, somewhere. I suppose this isn't evidence against the existence of a saint named "Blog". A similar conundrum arose when it was (apparently) decided that the Saint Christopher described in popular legend wasn't reliably historical, though by that time numerous people had been named Christopher, and probably numbered some saints among them. And I shouldn't wonder of any of these has taken up the particular devotion to travelers for which the legendary Christopher should otherwise have been beloved.

Or perhaps "Saint Blog" is a hold-over from some more Latin toungue than our Gaulicized Anglo-Saxon: for instance the French names "Saint Sacrement" and "Sainte Famille" denote the same referents as the English "Blessed Sacrament" and "Holy Family", respectively. Might not "Saint Blog" refer to, for instance all the passages "Thus saith the Lord: ..." in all the books of prophecy, together being God's most Holy Blog, as it were? (Not meaning to be flippant, nor dismissive, I do insist!!!)

In the most dull contrast constructible (by me), I would like very much to point out that I am in point of fact, a genuine historical human person. Among other traits I seem to be a confirmed pedestrian, and quite apt (or at least prone) to voice my opinions, while maintaining a modicum of anonymity. But I have indeed commented on the writings reputedly to be found about your parish, wherever it may be constituted. I'm not sure precisely what has prompted me to begin doing so in a centralized location, but here we are! And in that case, I might as well let those 'round about reply to the things I have elswhere and erstwhile said lurkishly in others' boxes.

All good wishes to all and sundry as you may meet them,

Some Guy On The Street


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