Saturday, April 4, 2009

Über Hüte

Dear Meredith, (and Enbrethiliel, and all and sundry,)

Since you asked of another, therefore tangentially I feel the need to jump up myself and answer for my own part!

Though I've a grey felt fedora-type thing good for damp weather, my preference is very much for this delight:

Note the green cord: an addition of my own, with brass grommets around the punch-holes. This is very handy indeed when the wind kicks up!

And here it is more-or-less in-person (reversed, for probably-obvious reasons)

In case anyone reading this can now discern who I am, a note: if you would buy a hat for me, do please by whatever scheme merited try to ensure that it be large enough! In youth my brain seems to have been intolerant of crowding and pushed my skull outwards!

And, Enbrethiliel, I wish you joy of all your hats.

A well-sheltered fellow indeed


Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you! =)

This post has reminded me of an old hat I left behind with a friend in New Zealand. It was a soft brown fedora which I had bought in Disneyland after getting off the Indiana Jones ride. It was far too big for me (the right size having been sold out), but I had to have one. I wore it for the rest of my California holiday, whether it went with my outfits or not. =P

One day I'll get another one . . .

Meredith said...

If that hat were black, you would look like Van Helsing!

/dev/null said...

So long as you'd never confuse me for Hugh Jackman pretending to vanHelsingheit. I'd have to totally clean up my act, then...

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