Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear Photons,

You may recall that Seraphic encouraged such young folks as hope to marry to blog Joyfully. That is, to blog with JOY

So, to balance the irk --- ahem ---


expressed some time ago, I would like to report to you Light Quanta that this latest pre-weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting one or two charming folks who are trying --- among other things --- to make representations of the visible spectrum, such as this:

stand for the beauty and goodness and dignity and ensouledness, etc. of such diverse people as these

I hope you'll agree, this effort is cause for great joy!

a rainbow amateur


Seraphic Spouse said...

That is a most joyful looking elephump.

Amy said...

Aww I love the babies! What a beautiful arrangement of photo choices! :)

some guy on the street said...

Seraphic: isn't it, though!

Amy: That's awfully nice of you!

Sheila said...

I find I didn't keep up with the comments back when baby was little. Sorry! No, I don't mind you using the picture. ;)

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