Thursday, April 1, 2010

An astonishingly short proof

That right! I've discovered an astonishingly short formal proof that ZFC is inconsistent! It's been thoroughly checked by two different proof-checkers on various hardware, and they all agree that Math As We Know It Is Insane!

The Astonishingly Short Proof was initially produced by genetic tree-searching algorithms with success measured by a heuristic "inconceivability index" for strong sentences. It is conjectured that this index is only one of an infinite family --- indeed an $\infty$-groupoid of such notions is expected to exist!

Our specific index --- a real number --- is also known to imply falsehood whenever it exceeds 3/31, and our algorithm this morning arived at a formal proof from ZFC of an index 4/1 (=4)!

For more, proceed "below the fold"!

OK. It's not true. For help, try to see what's happened to gmails vowels.

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