Monday, May 10, 2010

Lies! Vicious Lies!

Dear Ms. Welch,

Fr. Longenecker noticed and pointed to your recently published opinion letter, and I noticed at the end this most insulting editorial flourish:
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Raquel Welch.

Of course, this a patent falsehood! There must be millions of people who agree with what you write here --- several thousand of these surely must be compatriots of yours. Possibly they meant to say "the opinions expressed in this commentary are not intended as indicating any policy of ours," or "... do not carry any dogmatic weight," or some such slitherism; but to suggest that your notions are totally unsupported by anyone else's wisdom is at best linguistic carelessness of the worst kind! I'm even inclined to suspect that they have agreed to publish your letter largely as a lightning rod for negative reaction, and are more than happy to keep happy those you critique as wanting in discernment, while suggesting that you've basically become a reactionary kook! In the attention-getting business, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

Well I for one am not fooled. I might have to think carefully about how close you get to the Truth, but basically I agree. And be assured also of my ongoing prayers for your salvation!

God Bless,

the author; he is entirely responsible for the opinions expressed in this commentary; he doesn't give two cent's worth of worry for what blogger or your ISP thinks about them.


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