Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interrogative vocabulary $\mathrm{I}$

Enbrethiliel delivered a word and a question quite some time ago. Lots seem to have come up with something, but I'm having a hard time. So I got lazy and banged out this accrostich. It seems to me that the elementary-school nonsense of long-cue accrostichs might well be responsible for much of the unreasonable unmetric word-presentations (like that "Mouse" abomination). My fourth-grade teacher taught us Limmericks. I don't see why we couldn't learn sonnets (or triolets) in grade three. Anyways, the question is "What was your reaction?" And, so far, my reaction is this ... whatever it is. It is, largely, about reaction, but what the prompts are, I don't even begin to fathom.

Perhaps unthinking revulsion, poisonous laughter echoing?
Possibly --- unless recalled pain laconically eschews
Potential understanding. Returning, personalized light errors
Parting urged ritual passages, lengthening entertainments:
Passionfruit, Ulster royalist peasantry, lollypops, ermine.
Partly, upon reading portents, localized enuie
Pursued us rearwards, pressaging loxodromic escapades.
Pikestaves, up! Royal portage, leave. (Exeunt)

I think I want another try, so I'll see if I can't make-up something more... coherent? Rythmic? Rhymy? Anyways, have fun! (Btw, the word is the obvious one that doesn't appear as a word in the text).


Salome Ellen said...

I like! It's a kind of acrostic I've not seen before, perhaps because my schooling was a long time ago. And I figured out the word three lines in, but then I do word puzzles for fun.

Belfry Bat said...

Note there's a new word to fix "puple" in the middle...

Of course, each line separately is an accrostic, so it becomes something of an idee fixe, or passacaglia under what narrative there is.

Enbrethiliel said...


First a sonnet from Ellen, then a senryu from Sully, and now an accrostitch from you, Bat. =D I'm liking these forms!

(As promised, I'll be back later with more comments.)

PS--Captcha is "inkie"!!! =D

Belfry Bat said...

I didn't realize there *were* captchae! I certainly hadn't asked for them...

Of course, you mustn't take the impression that "acrostich" is the common name of a form. I've a thing for neologism, as you may have seen, which is all very well in one's own head, bust still. In this case, it's a deliberate play on "acrostic" (someone tell me how to spell that?) and the strange prosodic terms "hemistich" and "distich" --- btw, do those seem to span a scale of 4? Yet I can't find "stich" anywhere...

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm back! =D

And I know you're not too happy with this one, Bat, but I really like all the crazy words. The "Exeunt" at the end is just precious! The whole last line is my favourite, followed closely by "Passionfruit, Ulster royalist peasantry, lollypops, ermine"--which has brought more joy to my life than you will believe. (The idea of someone reacting with passionfruit totally makes my day!)

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