Monday, December 27, 2010

Home-visiting adventures

Dear Interface Designers,

... So, I'm home for the holidays, and thus I've discovered the new laundry washing machine my parents bought to replace the one that flooded our basement. It does a lovely job of washing the clothes, and has all sorts of blinking lights, which are nifty (although I worry about all that implicit software... there are no hard-set dials or aught.) What bugs me, though, is that the machine seems to be permanently cheerful. It strikes me as the product of a segment of a generation who grew up with talking books and ignored books about talking machines.

And so, when you set the machine to a particular program and initiate its run sequence ("tell it what you want, and ask it to start"?), it sings a chipper little musical motif, and when it's done it pipes another happy little tune to signal its satisfaction and gratitude for being given a task within its measure, the joy of a job well-done.

So indescribably phoney.

Anyways, to say the unnecessary, it would drive me up the wall if I were staying here very much longer than I otherwise intended.

I hope this has been entertaining,

a confused non-customer


Paul Stilwell said...

It has been entertaining.

The phoniness I'm sure in the daily grind would dissipate into a kind of ironic familiarity.

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