Sunday, July 10, 2011

Totally Weird

echo >& /dev/null <<eof

Poking, in a self-indulgent way, through recent blog visitor statistics, it seems that during the recent scribal torpor ("hiatus" sounds like something a TV network or production studio would plan--- planning is beyond me, on this blog) perhaps half of my visitors come from websites that sell useless and/or imaginary things. OK, so maybe I'm a bit rough with my sarcasm; sarcasm is easy, on the internet, after all! Nonetheless, I've a sneaking suspicion that someone is investing modest ammounts of website design and traffic redirection to collect the attention of lonely amateur blogifiers skimming through their traffic statistics... a new a subtle form of spam designed to prey upon the incautious and/or self-alienated-and-inclined-to-intelectual pride? Or is it just that the internet is alive and stupid? I don't know. It makes me wonder how many cloudy terminals out there have fake PhDs awarded by fake schools? And how many of those bought their dissertation essays from web-enabled "editing" firms using phfished-out credit card numbers?

If the internet could speak, would it have troche fixation?

anyways, sleep well.



Salome Ellen said...

Howling with laughter and/or giggling uncontrollably -- especially at the terminals with PhD's!

Belfry Bat said...

Oh! what a comfort it is to know I bring someone such mirth!

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