Monday, August 15, 2011

Harumph... please don't kill my accounts?

Dear Gmail Team,

I can't find your address, and you seem to have delegated the task of user support to supportive users, so... an open letter in the aether.

I don't know how or why you did it, but the physical keys ↑, ↓, Home, and End no longer produce any effect upon the gmail page, though mouse-fiddling the scrollbar does what it should. This is, as I'm sure you understand, annoying as an inaccessible mosquito bite. For reference purposes, I'm using a 6.0 Firefox browser within a linux-based X.Org environment -- not that those last two points should matter.

Please fix.

a user who tries to be knowledgeable


Jen said...

Hum! I hadn't noticed that! The workaround mentioned in the "Best Answer" near the top of this page worked for me, mostly. I hope it helps while Google sorts things out!


Belfry Bat said...


I suppose it works, in the sense that it restores scrolling...

I've since discovered that there are cursor-defined contexts in which the arrow keys do unexpected things. I'm pretty sure there was a way to do all of them with old-fashioned css, and still not break ordinary scrolling...

Perhaps there's a javascript with an incomplete "case" list?

Still grumbling.

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