Monday, September 10, 2012

What an odd day!

Dear DNS,

(And others...) For about three hours, I found I couldn't get to the websites of LifeSite News, Crisis Magazine, Dappled Things, Alt-Catholicah (a recent discovery --- some nifty things, there), or Catholic Vote. Perhaps these sites are all (it's beyond my knowledge) hosted in the same rack of some server host, and they had some trouble? They're all apparently back, now --- they even all returned about the same time, but I had an interesting little while musing on why this might happen.

But I don't want to cast asperities around, nor imaginative suspicions, so... folks, be grateful for your internet: it's slightly more fragile than we like to think, sometimes. There was a boast going around suggesting that the thing was designed to "withstand a nuclear holocaust". What a silly idea! The internet might just survive a "nuclear holocaust" in the same sense that the biosphere would --- in patches. There is no more guarantee that your internet service would persist than there is that you would persist to enjoy it.

It's a beautiful night after a beautiful sunset after a beautiful day; there is chocolate, and whipped cream. The strawberries, alas, were a fleeting joy.

a subscriber


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