Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well, that was ...

... that was something of an else.

Dear Mr. Returning,

I had limping hopes two years back that an hostile lower chamber might have called their king to account for transmuting and muting "creed and trust", in the Primordial Fix, to "quodcumquelatry", without consulting them or getting it officially rewritten. Yea, limpid limping hopes, but alas, it seems they did not much care.

In any case, we'll (or... they will... I'm a remote-dwelling foreigner, afterall) have four more Epiphanies and Easters and Christmases under your presiding, maybe you'll notice them? I'm afraid your managers won't let you notice them, properly; it'd be such a relief, though, if you could escape the Lower Downs for a little bit, and just soak-up the splendour and fear of some things "above your pay grade", or consider some of the things others built before anyone here was born, but are still using today. It's a sad thing for the princes, though, that princes are not by their handlers allowed that much contemplation, but only entertainment and diversion.

Anyway, as you boldly march forward with eyes firmly fixed on anything but where you're steppeing or standing, may I recommend a little book about a genuine (and successful!) search for common ground? Here's sufficient excerpt to find which one:

You hold that your heretics and sceptics have helped the world forward and handed on a lamp of progress. I deny it. Nothing is plainer from real history than that each of your heretics invented a complete cosmos of his own which the next heretic smashed entirely to pieces. Who knows now exactly what Nestorius taught? Who cares?

an extern


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