Saturday, December 8, 2012

Poco a poco diminuendo...

(Incidentally, if things seem to be slowing down, I suppose I might blame my recent foray into tumblng, but as that's been less than a week it doesn't really answer. No, I shan't post a link here. Send a message to /dev/null ... not your own, of course, but to the address on that pseudonym's profile page. But it's teribly mathy, so... so I don't know what.)

Update Whee! it works nicely now! Thanks, screencountry!/Update

Since everyone now agrees that the particular warranty wasn't worth the electrons it jiggled and juggled, I don't mind telling everyone (anonymously, at least) that my shiny laptop screen became cracked after a thoroughly-preventable fall of about four feet onto concrete, and that I really should have thought to zip up the carrying bag, but on the other hand I don't see the practical use of a clamshell design like that. Perhaps I shall add gores later. Anyways, the endpoint-purveyor offered to charge me more than 33% more than the original price for it to replace the screen, which offer I declined with some irritation. This was after the manufacturer-designated service centre took four days to notice it had been sent to them (though they were expecting it) and a further week to decide that no, they wouldn't do anything helpful, not even offer to charge me more than &c. So, it turns out there's a friendly business with warehouses in Seattle and in Vancouver that sell ... surplus? excess? anyways, replacement lcd screens. If the thing I'm expecting next wednesday works, I might just tell you all about it. But really I mustn't drop the thing again, that was the worst, and this sort of rigor mallearum is expensive, and would be again even knowing the short-cut at the end. It's a nifty thing, but the screen was the only broken thing I found, after the drop, so things might have gone much worse. I didn't even stub a toe!

Well, your patience during this little ramble has been most appreciated, believe you me.

God bless you all!


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