Friday, March 15, 2013

A Moment of Philosophy

Dear Benvolii, dear Benvolia,

There's a certain something... I don't know how it gets into any particular heart or head, but it certainly drags one to that hole out of Creation that started with the Fall... and when things Momentous or Important or Notable or even just Noisy occur it can bring the tendency to the foreground in many of its sufferers...

Some people just don't want to be happy. That is the only explanation I can think of for it. I pray they may not suffer this unwill forever, but there it is. The unwill to be happy meets occasions and expressions of joy with excuses against becoming cheerful, with false praemonitions of madness and delusion in their fellows; as it were, the unwill to be happy seeks to be contagious, except that unwill cannot properly be said to seek, as it is not a thing but an evil, a lack.

Not being one of these, and fervently wishing that none of you reading this will become such for having read me, I shan't display any particular examples of these cracks-in-what-is, and I'm sure you all can think of what I mean anyways. Rather, I will recall that oft-sung, most singable Will, that you may know what to do when you come accross such gloomy folks:
Sigh not so, but let them go,
And be ye blithe and bonny!

May I have the honour to remain,

yours in mirth and no matter


Amy said...

Oh, indeed! Very mysterious, but that is after all the mystery of iniquity! Why would Satan, having perfect angelic knowledge, choose to sin against his First Beginning and Last End, knowing what would come of it? I meditate on this mystery perennially when my desire to mentally visualize the workings of divine justice and providence by excusing others' sins based on their frailty, ignorance, etc... I think those and other factors do mitigate sin, and yet, I have to guard against becoming wishy-washy and soft on the requirement of holiness. Little though I understand it, there is such a thing as conscious, willful, irrational sin. Lord help us!

Belfry Bat said...

There you remind me of another mystery about which I recently read someone outcogenting me (not difficult!) on how there is no sense to evil. Asking why evil happens is like asking why the sky walks. I couldn't tell you who it was that wrote nor where I read it, but... one of those things. I wonder if this was part of how the sepent duped Eve: "knowledge of ... evil", in the sense of "knowledge" that applies to Man is a contradiction in terms. Though I'd have to check with someone smarter on whether that gloss fits with the Hebrew, or even the Greek...

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