Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To The Editor, or Worth doing? Then, even badly...

Dear Sir,

Oh, how the spheres do buzz some time; this cannot have been what Pythagoras had in mind...

Disclosures perhaps relevant to your weighing of what follows: I, a gent in hope if not indeed, have sometimes been described as "dapper", yet I own but two pairs of trousers and just enough of the other things to get through a week between launderings.

On the subject of appropriate garb: it is my considered opinion that civilized folk should wear clothes. That is, they should be clad. Beyond that, being dressed is all well and good in moderation and if suited to the job in hand. Being merely ornamented or sculpted are not at all the thing, should you be not actually made of maple or marble. Let's just leave the subject of swimming well alone.

a poor maths student


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