Monday, December 2, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

I was going to put up a mathy-philosophical post, with the grand-frivolous title "The Halting Problem of Evil"; it's already quite long, though I've no clue how to finish it, and something rather jarring has occurred since I started that, so this is what we have instead.

Thanks be to God for his most graciously and gratuitously preserving me (and everyone else) from some of the more adverse possible effects of my own stupidity; because, for silly reasons, I was not standing in front of the stove when the glass pie plate exploded (I thought I was steaming the broccoli …), covering the room with thousands of beautiful glittering pointy slivery shards; and for reasons unknown I was already wearing slippers, and standing next to the broom, and the door to the next room was closed. Alas, the pie was inextricably burned onto its own broken shards at that point (and starting to smoke, on the erroneous burner), and the stew was littered with them, too. But no serious injuries were there, just a brief alarm and some hours of scrupulous sweeping.


me said...

Oh my! Quite an adventure, I must say. But the piece on the problem of evil as you had started it would be quite interesting, I'm sure.
Partly to blame for my own hiatus in my 'blog has been philosophical consideration of the problem of evil. Unfortunately, it's my thesis and due soon, and not progressing well.
Happy New Year to you and those not harmed by shards of glass pie plate!

Belfry Bat said...

I have fullest sympathy for theses, due soon, and not progressing well. But we keep writing!

The whole while I was sweeping up I had the "conclusion" of Kipling's Natural Theology running through my head, too... ah, well. Happy New Year to you, too, and a Merry Christmas, if not before then!

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