Monday, June 30, 2014


So my big brother drove up last week's weekend and then we went driving around, did some camping, visited long-lost-relatives; it was a good time.

Me playing some Bach for Detroit; in good tune, that piano!

Elder on my right (frame left) in Smalltown Somewhere

On the Sunday which was either Corpus Christi or within the octave of Corpus Christi,

Mass was here.
we were greeted on leaving Mass by two strange figures who, it turns out, are members of a network of local protestant communes that call themselves "the Twelve Tribes". Their openning question was "what did you hear, today?" and the easy answer was "the Gospel, of course". These two were part of a crew that go sailing about the world in a ship called "Peacemaker", which is a delight to behold. Bless the lot of them, whether they like it or not. I wish I had thought to tell them that Mother Church is a ship, too, indeed an Ark, the Barque of Peter.

It just makes me a bit sad that they seem to be holding themselves outside both the Sacraments and the living memory of the Church. They claim that they take their "rule" (though they don't call it that) from Acts 2:44-45, and so I want to tell them the story of St. Francis of Assisi and how he tried to compose his rule of Gospel verses when he sought papal recognition for his order; I want to tell them of the Bégin communities in France and such, so they can study why they don't seem to have prospered; I want them to have a good shepherd under the Good Shepherd. I hope they may be good, all of them.

Now I must dive back under the conjectures and puzzles. Like, suppose
\[ \mathbb{S^1}\overset{2}\to\mathbb{S}^1\to P^2 \] is a cofiber sequence, so that \[ \Sigma P^2 \overset{2}\to \Sigma P^2 \to P^2 \wedge P^2 \to \Sigma^2 P^2 \] is also a cofiber sequence (this also shows that the second "$2$" is not trivial!); there ISN'T a map $\Sigma^2 P^2 \to P^2\wedge P^2$ that factors the identity, but there might be one that factors the next "$2$". If there is, is it useful?

So, see you perhaps next Sunday again!


me said...

looks like you had fun! i'm glad of it! and i'm glad you at least stop back by your 'blog on sundays (and perhaps a couple of other times during the week?)!
all the best on your dissertation!
and, thank you for your prayers, i submitted my tesina to my moderator a week ago yesterday! now i await all the red ink and the corrections.

Belfry Bat said...

Fun and refreshing; I didn't mention the stars, did I? Oh! Such stars...

And congratulations to you, on making such progress! I don't suppose the mystery tree flowers have enjoyed elucidation? In any case, Happy Sunday to you, and à la prochaine!

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