Sunday, March 1, 2015

A... silent song?

I am, at the moment, chewing on the half-verse, from today's ever-strange Gospel reading,
... ecce, nubes lucida obumbravit eos.
because it feels so strange.

Thoughts and reflections welcome.


me said...

Good question, for sure. As bright as Our Lord's vestimenta became, I suppose even a bright cloud shades, being dark in comparison? Yet even so, it would seem to add light to light, to the point, perhaps, where the Apostles' eyes could no longer see? But this does not seem the sense of "obumbravit". Or, perhaps, this cloud still allowed some of the brightness to pass through (lucida), while only weakening that brightness a little, providing a little shade for the Apostles.

Belfry Bat said...

All interesting ideas!

Another little thought that has just occurred with your help, to wonder whether perhaps this bright cloud revealed to the three apostles something of a spiritual darkness lying on them (hardly a surprising thing, or cause for specific concern, but such might have been startling at the time), and now I am reminded of the Sunrise in Malachi that rejoices the just and scorches the wicked...

much to ponder!

me said...

much to ponder, indeed!

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