Friday, March 4, 2016


I can't bear to read the blog/website taking its name from the Advent Marian Votive Mass, nor the Remnant or any of the rest of those self-segregated circles; but I am curious, if anyone who can pull it off without sinking into a pool of despond can tell me:
Does Bernard Fellay still write to his following in the same style as he did when our beloved Benedictus XVI PP so mercifully re-admitted him and his three brothers to Roman Confessionals?
I remember reading, that one time, Fellay's letter proclaiming "Tradition is no longer excommunicate". Because it made me really mad.

I can only hope that Benedict didn't have to read that, that Fellay had better tact in person, that he was better in person. That is (it seems) I hope it was just a stupid bit of crowing, and neither a gap in the veil nor an extra layer of veil.

That is, I really hope Fellay doesn't (if he ever did) think himself somehow uniquely in the Church to Personify Tradition. And it would be much worse if he wrote that way deliberately, whether because he does believe it or because he doesn't believe it but his following do.

Anyways, is it too much to hope that, when he writes, he does so more sensibly, these days? Is there hope that, when he isn't hashing things out with ☨Müller, that he also isn't murmuring up his sleeve?

Because I want him to finally really come home, and bring his priests with him. And then they can clear up all those weddings with a general proclamation of sanatio in radice, and deal with the paperwork later.


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