Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's not great; a bit jumpy, to be sure. Never tried Cinquains before; the only one I know has a 2+3 rhyme scheme, and I don't know if that's traditional. Today I prefer initials.

Thou, Lord, hast made
This cathedral chamber
Sing of thy praise, to thy glory

Thou, Lord
Have set me here,
Heart unto Thee longing
Thine own self to seek 'till life's end

Come, Lord
Fulfill your work:
Feed, pray, as Only thou
Can satisfy, my soul enflamed.


aussie girl in australia said...

I had never heard of a Cinquain before but I am intrigued by how it relates to music with 5/4 time signature. It is also often grouped as 2+3. I did enjoy reading this and immediately thought of how nicely it could be set to music.

Anyways, I came over to have a look after reading your comments on Seraphic's blog.

aussie girl in australia

/dev/null said...

Oooh! You've put that Tchaikovsky (VI Symph, 2nd mvt) back in my head, though a (fairly silly) Belafonte song could take over at any moment... Can you imagine dancing to a 5/4 beat? I sometimes think it would make a neat complement to waltzing.

I'm wondering about musical setting, now. On the one hand, a cinquain has 22 syllables, which isn't five of anything; but on the other hand, that doesn't mean much because metters for actual lyrics can easily be a lot more variable than most lyric meters ( :P ). Hymns set to Sebelius' Finlandia come to mind, for instance... Anyways, thanks for dropping by! It's nice to get visitors.

/dev/null said...

And just to be clear, yes, that's me.

some guy on the street said...

aka the terminal device...

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