Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun with TeX and paper

echo <<eof >>/dev/null

We have calling cards!

That is, these are the sort of card you leave on a silver tray under the eyes of a lady's Mother or their doorman, when said lady isn't home or disposed to receive you, to say that you did, in fact, come to "call" --- without the bother or nuissance to your neighbors of actually calling out with voice to see if she answers. Some folk call them business cards these days, what with the advent of the inescapable mobile phone, in principle allowing men to pester decent ladies with person-to-person "calls" at any hour of night or day. Since precious little business gets done here (thank goodness) to call these cards "business cards" would be farcical beyond even our usual fare.

The obverse face is a tweaked version of this TeX file --- it took some doing, too, may I say. I was quite worn-out by the end of it. The reverse are filled with a rhombic variation of those famous Penrose tilings, one of several impressively economical files here exhibiting the illegible efficiency of Adobe's postscript virtual machine.

Another picture:



Amy said...

Hahahahahahahh oh wow. C'est beautiful, ca. I'm sure any ladies you leave this with will be quite taken with you, from elderly aunts to young potentialites. Really very cool.

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