Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something a little more Aedifying?

Dear Exegete,

I gave myself to LifeChain for an hour today; and whilst standing there the hymn occurred to me that, for no good reason, I know best in the Russian chant setting. Not that I could tell you which words mean what, nor how they fit together...

Anyways, I thought it made a nice contrast to the more commonly-referenced De Profundis; which is apposite, of course, but has so many other uses, as well. The latter is good for commemorating those lives already cut short; but Save, O Lord, Thy people is looks from the present to the future, and recalls souls that thrive still on Earth and for whom there is hope.

awaiting your reply,
he would be more sad, if not for life

Parce Domine populo tuo
et ne des hereditatem tuam in obprobrium
ut dominentur eis nationes
quare dicunt in populis "ubi est Deus eorum"?
zelatus est Dominus terram suam et pepercit populo suo


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