Thursday, August 23, 2012

Say, when was the last time... ?

Oh, hello, there!

I'm not actually here (that is, even less than usual), having written this about two weeks ago; but, well, anyways, today the atmospheric tropical cycle count clicks over the third primorial, a curious number: $2 \times 3 \times 5$. If you were counting on digits you'd need two ordinary humans including one pair of feet. Some of my family seem to be making much of this number; I'm still slightly less than half my mother's age, if only for a couple more weeks. Hobbit-wise, I'm still just in my tweens. Well.

Have a pleasant day, if by any means you can; I know I will!

PS. You know, people make much of how $2$ is the "only even prime"; well, that's not saying much --- it's the first positive even number; it is the standard by which all evens are measured. One might as well say that $3$ is the "only trial prime" and $5$ the "only quicuncial"... but enough!


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