Monday, January 14, 2013

An imagined dialogue.

Isc (silently): That... that sounds like Jacob.

Θ: It is Jacob.

Isc: Why is Jacob pretending to be Esau?

Θ: Rebekah's got him all worried up about how our blessing Esau would turn out for him.

Isc: Good Lord, I smell Esau's shirt.

Θ: Yes, and that's not all!

Isc: ... goatskin? Does he really think I can't tell the difference between my son's hands and my goats? I thank You that it isn't raining.

Θ: Indeed, he really thinks to have drawn the wool over your eyes, as it were.

Isc: So, what do I do now?

Θ: You will have to recite the blessing from the other side. It is too bad that neither of them will understand until... well, I still have my plans for them.


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