Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Hello, blog!

Hello, post editor;

Hello, comment form;

Hello, archive;

Hello, saved drafts (not today, though, not today...);

King John was not a good man
He had his little ways...
... blockquote;

Hello, included maths, as
$$ \mathrm{Hom}(\mathrm{Ind}_H^G R, S) \simeq \mathrm{Hom}(R,\mathrm{Res}^G_H S) \tag{Frobenius} $$
for instance;

Hello, names of regular readers, and the odd passers-by;

Hello, actual readers (because it's personal!);

Hello, New Year and Epiphany!

Who knows what'll happen? God alone. Bless you, all.


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