Saturday, April 20, 2013

Natural Law really is prior law and superior

First Things is, of course, a mixed bag, as are well-nigh all human efforts; but this one seems solid and sound, easily up to its cautious aspirations.

The thing reminds me of a moment at... actually, I'm not sure when. Something to do with Halbardiers and English clerics or would-be-such of some sort... Guy Crouchback in something of a lightened state urges the other fellow "... but surely, wouldn't you say the supernatural is actually the only really natural thing there is... ?" to which the other responds "Up to a point...", which is funny both if you've also read Scoop and also because Guy really is closer to true things here than he usually is elsewhere.

Anyways, have-at-'em; Happy spring to you, from a land of blowing snow and hail.


I'm sure it's terribly amusing; 'twas 22℃ just yesterday


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