Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who has seen... ?

Fr. C. gave an awesome sermon today, on the Lord's being seen and not seen
Modicum, et non videbitis me...
This is what happens on the Third Sunday After Easter, in the Extraordinary Calendar. Fr. brought out something of the mystic sense of see and shall not see: already before the third hour, one of the twelve is in spiritual despair and ten more have fled, unable to see the Present Divinity.

It brings to mind one of the recurring motifs in John's Gospel: from time to time, one or another heap of people sought to stone Him or make Him king-of-the-narrow-land, “... but Jesus hid himself... ”; and now He is telling the Twelve that something like that is about to happen to them, if only for “a little while”. Hearing this, they do not hear.

There is far too much here to say, so I shan't. Take a break and read the thing. Start early: context is like a good neighbour.


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