Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brief and Minimally Considered

  • I have this hour run across MyJetpack
  • There are many ways to work stale bread into sweet pudding. At least two involve eggs.
  • The american robin, it seems, is a relative of the thrush. I haven't seen them eating snails; but then it's been a while since I saw wild snails. Perhaps in later in the season.
  • Have you before considered use of "the" to treat as gramatically definite a fictitious generic creature, as in "The american robin..."? These things amuse me!
  • I'm starting actually to get tired of this friendly web-logging thing; the gimmick isn't holding up and very few people ever say hello; and that's OK. At the tmbl (which I'm using in a most-untmbly fashion, it seems) there is still the fresh focus of my academic speciality, which might keep me going there longer in spite of even fewer people saying hello, but this... One of my early inspirations-unto-blogging did recommend it as a way to make acquaintances, but I've made more from reading than from writing, and that one also doesn't 'blogg any more that I know of. And that's OK, too...
  • TeX-setting diagrams is tricky, but you can do it incrementally. One day MathJax will pick up XYJax and then we'll all be that much more impressed with everything.
  • Six is enough, I think. Don't you?


me said...

Tired, huh? Sorry to hear that! I wish you the best!

Belfry Bat said...

Well, yes, "tired" as in it's exhausting sometimes when I think of what awesome nifty stuff other people are writing, and then wondering what's the next little something I'll be putting up here... but not yet that I'm going to say "that's enough, goodnight everybody". Not yet! I'll be sure to do that much more formally, if ever.

But your kind wishes are indeed encouraging and I thank thee, O Thou Mysterious.

me said...

:) I'm glad to know you're not giving up yet, then! I can understand about seeing what others write, and then being intimidated. Half the time, I don't even comment because I can't think of anything appropriately witty. And then, posting, well...

Enbrethiliel said...


So what's your pudding recipe?

Belfry Bat said...

Receipt 1) add milk (or cream) and sugar; boil.

Receipt 2) (mit verschiedene Verænderungen) beat together eggs and milk and sugar; soak bread; fry, bake, whatever seems handy.

All methods are amenable to gentle spices (cinamon, nutmeg, mace, ginger...)

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