Friday, September 6, 2013

A poor request

Of your kindness, would you good folk say a prayer for my Dad? He has been assigned for coronary bypass surgery within two weeks. We share a middle name of Christopher.

Again some News, 5th Sept. Well, he's through the operation, now. Five bad spots bypassed (urgh!).

Actual News The "Further", below, was actually out of date before I posted it. Operation is set for tomorrow sometime Friday? Maybe? They keep changing the news. I keep forgetting to say "Thank-you" to all you folk. Thank you.

Further Well, he's still waiting in the pipeline, as it were. I got here last Friday, and it's been very good to visit him every day; he gets lots of visitors, including local clerics, but very little in the way of fresh air, stretch of the legs, or scenery. And so we keep waiting.


me said...

Will definitely pray for you and your parents. My brother also shares with you a middle name, Christopher, by which he was always called, though. In your charity, I ask that you pray for him, too. May he (my brother) rest in peace.

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