Tuesday, September 17, 2013


(The player should cue itself to 2:18; recommend adding a low-pass filter [ ~ 8kHz ] to your sound system if you want the rest, because the artificier she visits first seems to be attempting to compete electronically with a cave full of bats.)

Björk appreciating Pärt in English (in Berlin).

B: [...] because you give space to the listener [...]

P: Maybe it's because I need space for myself.


me said...

two parts, two voices--"my sins and forgiveness of these sins"

wow! very interesting! "Pinocchio is a good thing!"

also very beautiful use of Sagrada Familia in barcelona to present the same idea of the music.

Belfry Bat said...

Yes, I was very glad to hear him say that so plainly. The only written description I'd found of this device of his kept itself very much in the technical realm of description.

I was surprised how well the Sagrada suited Pärt's Cantus! It's a striking design, that, and far from either London or Estonia...

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