Saturday, April 30, 2016

Omissions from the Lectionary

In North America, at least, at least in the English-speaking part of it, among Catholics anyway, those who shall be fulfilling their obligations in the Ordinary Form, this Sunday... You are about to be scandalized by a glaring omission. There's been a lot of talk lately of Lectionary lacunae, mostly relating to Discipline of the Sacraments. Today's is ... different but not less strange.

Specifically, the First Reading, from Acta Apostolorum, chapter 15, is going to skip over vv. 3-21. And what is in those verses?
  • That many Jews had already converted
  • That among them were some who had been Pharisees
  • That these same were furthermore docile to Ecclesial correction
  • That dealing with controversy in open honest debate is one of the things the Church does
  • The Primacy of Peter
  • True Episcopal Collegiality
  • The distinction between the moral and the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament
What is left in the Lectionary: There was controversy in Antioch; that Paul and Barnabas, along with a Silas and a Jude, received an anonymous-but-unanimous decision, by unspecified means, from "The Church", to bring back to Antioch to settle things down.


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